In the summer of 1999, 10 youth from New York, New Jersey and Boston went on an international service trip in East Africa. Recognizing the physical needs of the people they met, they learned that true service is fulfilled by serving others in word and deed through humility and sincere love.

Seeds for Hope (SFH) was first conceived when its Founder, Nadia Kist, one of those missionaries, returned to the states with a continued desire to serve the needs of these people. Motivated by love and compelled by faith, their suffering and poverty was so heavily impressed upon her heart that it became her mission to make a difference in their material condition, in addition to the spiritual. She returned to Kenya, designing and running programs as well raising funds on a very limited scale to support the long-term development needs of youth in Kenya, particularly in the form of an education.

Incorporated in 2004, SFH has developed into a nonprofit development organization committed to serving the many needs young people living Africa. From HIV/AIDS prevention to student scholarships, SFH functions with the intended purpose of breaking the cycle of poverty.