• "I have a dream"

    The youth of Kenya have dreams...

    Education makes these dreams possible.
  • Empowering Youth

    SFH works with young people and their families to create possibility.

    The results are life changing.
  • The Sana Nzeyo Project

    Caregivers of children orphaned by HIV.

  • Be a part of the transformation


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Words from our grads on their experience as an SFH Scholar
Some of our graduates and current students share their thoughts and experiences on being a Seeds For Hope scholar. We aren't just concerned with tuition. Our volunteers and staff, have a system of follow-up, mentorship, and accountability, where we support all our students on a holistic level, making sure they're poised to succeed.
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Did you know?

Over 80% of Africans live on less than 1 dollar a day. Only one in three African children who start primary school will complete it. Only 44% of school aged children/youth in Africa are in school. 52% of children in Kenya orphaned by AIDS were not in school. Everyday AIDS kills 1600 children and infects another 14,000 people. Africa is home to 70% of all people living with HIV globally 60% of which are women and 11 million orphans. Kenya has 23% prevelance of child malnutrition. Only 57% of Kenyans have access to safe drinking water.

11 Reasons To Vote SFH for #UpgradeYourWorldKE

To vote: Click the links under each of the 11 reasons, that say Click to vote on Twitter and a tweet will be generated with all the hashtags needed to vote.  Click on the ones that speak most to you.  You can click all of them to vote more than once  You can vote every single day.  To
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Donate A Post on 9/22: #UpgradeYourWorldKE

We’ve almost made it!  We’re a few days away from the end of voting.  We hope Seeds For Hope will be a recipient of the Upgrade Your World grant offered by Microsoft.  On 9/22, the founders birthday, we’re asking our community to join us letting others know why SFH s
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On the tragedy at Garissa, Kenya

The SFH Community is a community of courageous, determined, and hard working people.  Our community is the people with a dream for the future.  They are the ones who leave their homes and loved ones, to travel both near and far, to pursue these dreams.  Education is what drives our co
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Raise Your Mics In San Francisco!

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